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How Do I Choose a South Florida or Boca Raton Divorce Mediator?

April 16, 2020 by in General

Finding the right attorney or mediator is an important process.  This person will be someone who helps you through a difficult time in your life.  Finding the right Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach or Boca Raton divorce mediator for your case can help ensure you settle your case on terms fair to both parties.

How Do I Choose A Florida Divorce Mediator?

  • Comfort Level – You need to be comfortable telling the mediator personal information. Make sure that the mediator seems interested in solving your problems.  Remember, the mediation process is completely confidential.
  • Hands-on Experience – How long has the mediator been in practice? Has the mediator worked on other cases similar to yours?
  • Funds –How are the mediators’ fees – hourly or flat? Can the mediator estimate the cost of your case?

We can help you in your Divorce or Legal Separation

At Young, Berman, Karpf & Karpf, P.A.. ff you are considering or going through a divorce, paternity or other family law issue, our Florida family law mediators can help you. We understand how difficult the divorce process can be. We stay with our clients (whether through legal representation or mediation) each step of the way.

Having an experienced Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach or Boca Raton divorce mediator on your side can help you through this difficult time.  Often times, mediation ensures that your divorce or family law issues is resolved quicker than going through the Court system.  Using a Florida dispute resolution process (such as Boca Raton Divorce Mediation) can help reduce legal fees and costs and bring a sense of peace to the family, without extended conflict associated with litigation.  Unfortunately, not every family law case can be settled through mediation, so you should ensure that your divorce or family attorney is able to represent you through the Court process as well, if needed.  With experienced Florida Family Law legal counsel on your side, you should be able to feel confident in the decisions you make for you and your family.

If you are facing divorce and live in Florida, whether Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Naples, Boca Raton or in South Florida, you may read more about us We will be pleased to answer your questions and explain how we can assist you in your case. We can address your Family Law and Divorce legal rights as your attorney, or if you have an existing case, then we are able to mediate your family law dispute.  You do not need to go through a divorce alone. Connect with a Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County or Boca Raton Divorce Mediator or attorney when you are ready.

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