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Bar Admission and Readmission Proceedings

Graduating from law school is a significant accomplishment, but it does not mean you can now go out and start practicing as an attorney. Florida and other states require lawyers to apply for admission and meet specific requirements to be approved to practice law. Admissions decisions can have a considerable impact on people’s lives and careers, not to mention their financial well being.

At Young, Berman, Karpf & Karpf, P.A. our attorney admission lawyers help people who are facing possible roadblocks in the application process. We also represent attorneys who have been denied admission and those seeking readmission following a suspension or disbarment.

Do not navigate these treacherous waters alone. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in bar admission, ethical and disciplinary matters.

The Florida Attorney Admissions System

The Florida Bar of Board Examiners oversees the system for admitting attorneys. In other words, the board has the final say on who is in and who is out.

There are two primary tests that applicants must pass to be admitted in Florida:

  • The bar examination.
  • A character and fitness review.

The first test is relatively straightforward. Character and fitness questions, however, often wade into murky and subjective territory.

Anyone who has been denied admission based on either of the above tests (or is otherwise facing disbarment) is advised to seek the assistance of a seasoned attorney admission lawyer.

Admission Disputes

The written bar exam is administered over two days, twice a year. It consists of a general bar examination and the multistate professional responsibility examination.

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners (BOBE) also conducts a character and fitness inquiry into every applicant for attorney admission. A person who aces the written bar exam can still be disqualified from admission based on this review.

The goal of the character and fitness review is to determine whether there is anything in the person’s background that makes them unfit to serve as an attorney. The board looks at everything from financial, criminal and academic records to alcohol and drug use and signs of mental or emotional instability. This can lead to some subjective decisions about who is and who is not admitted to practice law.

The character and fitness review is where most admission disputes begin. It is crucial to tackle any fitness questions head-on, which starts with fully disclosing issues in the application and clearly explaining why they should not disqualify you. It also means consulting an experienced attorney and having a lawyer by your side in the event that you are asked to sit for an investigative hearing.

Why You Need an Attorney Admission Lawyer

There are several reasons to consult an attorney if you are facing admission issues. The Florida BOBE operates under several unique procedural rules that do not apply in other areas of the law. An experienced attorney can navigate the process, drawing on a different set of skills than what may be required in your practice or focus area.

An independent attorney can also give you a direct assessment of your situation. Often, lawyers who are facing admissions hurdles or have been threatened with disbarment are not able to consider all of the factors involved in the case.

A lawyer who has worked on admission and disciplinary cases can also help you get ahead of any issues before you file an application for admission to practice as an attorney in Florida.

Speak with an Attorney Admission Lawyer

If you are concerned about possible admission issues, have been contacting for an investigative hearing or have been denied admission by the BOBE, our attorney admission lawyers can help.

Our offices are conveniently located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Contact us online or call us at 305-945-1851 to speak with an attorney about your situation.

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