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Attorney Discipline and Bar Admissions

Sometimes even attorneys need a good lawyer. Professional discipline and bar admissions issues can cause headaches for lawyers and take their focus away from the work they do for the clients they represent. In some cases, professional responsibility disputes and bar admission problems can also threaten a lawyer’s business and career.

At the Law Office of Young, Berman, Karpf & Karpf, P.A., our attorneys are known throughout Florida for having extensive experience representing legal professionals in disciplinary matters. Our attorney discipline lawyers fight aggressively to help judges, lawyers and other legal professionals move on from these situations so that they can continue to advance in their careers.

Our firm has been representing legal professionals in discipline and bar admissions matters since 1990. We use significant resources, combined with decades of experience, understanding how important these issues are for the people that we represent and take a proactive approach to resolving them effectively.

Why You Need a Lawyer

If you are a lawyer facing disciplinary proceedings or grappling with bar admissions issues in Florida, you think that you can handle your legal arguments yourself. This is usually a bad idea, as your legal practice and financial well being may be at risk.

First, independent legal counsel can offer you an honest assessment of your case. An outside lawyer is not weighed down by any personal involvement in the matter. Additionally, they do not have any emotions and other factors that may impact your ability to gauge the situation, the risk and your options.

Also, proceedings in disciplinary or grievance committees, character and fitness panels and appellate courts often come with unique procedural limits and requirements. That is also true in admissions and read missions proceedings before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. It is crucial to have someone by your side who is well versed in the procedures and experienced operating in these venues.

Florida Bar Admission Proceedings

The Florida Bar of Board Examiners is an administrative body created to implement rules designating who is eligible to practice as an attorney. That generally means administering the bar examination and determining whether applicants have the “good moral character” required to be admitted as an attorney in Florida.

The moral character piece of that equation can be vague. The board is likely to have additional questions for applicants that have a criminal record, have been involved in academic misconduct accusations, have been disciplined in their prior jobs or whose records show a lack of financial responsibility.

It is vital that you disclose these and other possible red flags in your application, rather than waiting for the board to find out independently. A seasoned attorney can help you identify these issues, ensure that your application is complete and accurate and explain why you are qualified to practice law in Florida.

How Our Attorney Discipline Lawyers Can Help

At the Law Office of Young, Berman, Karpf & Karpf, P.A., we represent a wide variety of legal professionals in disciplinary and bar admission matters, including cases that could result in reprimand, suspension or disbarment.

If you are facing attorney discipline proceedings or caught in a bar admission battle, our attorney discipline lawyers can help. Our offices are conveniently located near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach. Contact us online or call us at 305-945-1851 to speak with an attorney about your situation.

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