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Take-Down: How Social Media May Win or Lose Your Lawsuit

February 1, 2016 by in Articles

With the rise of smartphones and tablets making it increasingly easy to continuously check in and catch up on social media news feeds throughout the day, many individuals are failing to understand how their status updates, photographs, tweets and other posts could be used against them in the legal arena. They do not expect to be involved in litigation, so they are not taking the right steps to protect themselves.

Long ago when Facebook was, an individual’s social media posts weren’t given a second thought. Usually, they were read and forgotten.

Fast forward to 2016, where social media content has become a routine piece of evidence in the legal arena, and quite often the basis of a lawsuit. Still, most individuals don’t put much worry into the content they post until their attorneys find it and raise the red flag.

Read the full article (.pdf) here.

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