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Timesharing, Kids and Covid-19

March 27, 2020 by in Articles

It’s safe to say that with the Covid-19 pandemic going on around the world – and of course here in Florida – families are living in fear. Fear, angst, anxiety, concern—these are all normal to feel in a time like this. But if you’re a parent, don’t forget that your little ones around you can pick up on these feelings, even if you try your best to hide it. Remember, kids worry more when they’re kept in the dark and most children have already heard about the virus or have seen people wearing masks.  Talk to them!  Of course, you should speak with the child’s other parent if you re co-parenting to have a unified front while timesharing.  Florida’s shared parental responsibility and your child’s best interests warrant this. 

It’s important for your children to be educated on what is going on in the world right now. What’s the right way to talk about it with them?  Are they getting nervous with timesharing transitions? How do you talk to them about it without instilling fear? Here are some ways to have conversations with your children about coronavirus:


  1. Share age appropriate facts with your children. Answer your child’s questions and do your best to answer as honestly as possible. It’s okay to not know the answer to everything, this is new to everyone. When sharing age appropriate facts, it may be helpful to relate the discussion to something they have knowledge on, such the cold or flu, or how sometimes you get a cough or fever.  You may want to do this with the other parent before the next timesharing exchange.
  2. Reassure their safety. Let them know they don’t need to worry and that there are hard-working people out there trying to keep people healthy. Assure your child that this is temporary!
  3. Let them know what to expect. While most places are shut down and people are self- quarantining, we know we aren’t going to be seeing people often. This means not seeing their friends and being able to go to their favorite places. You will need to find new creative ways to pass the time at home. Home-schooling will be a new thing to them during this time. You will be navigating this “new-normal” together, every step of the way.

These are just a few ways to keep your young ones informed. Most importantly, keep practicing healthy habits with them, keep talking, and stick to a routine!

If you have questions on Florida Timesharing, Co-Parenting and children’s issues related to Covid-19, let us know! 

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